Shop Fitting

Our core competencies are in the realisation, fit-out and assembly of complete stores, up to “shop-in-shop” concepts. Our strengths are cost and time efficiency. We also carry out the complete interior finishing of large stores or furniture shops.

Our services also include:

The focus of our work is on professional project planning and management. We draw up detailed execution plans and time schedules accurate to the day and find out which resources are required for practical implementation. Utmost efficiency, a high level of transparency and optimum integration into our customers’ processes – these are our strong points and key to our common success.
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We carry out all kinds of interior finish work such as painting, flooring, wall and ceiling system installation and many more. We guarantee professional and cost-efficient craftsmanship carried out by well-trained specialist staff – from a single source. But creativity and functionality are not our only concerns: Acoustic demands and fire protection requirements are also factors we will never lose sight of.

We also offer you individual carpentry solutions to match your store concept, or tailor-made system solutions. We produce made-to-measure furniture, shelves, pedestals and more. And every single item is testimony to our commitment to quality, which will captivate you!
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Accurate adherence to schedules, professional assembly and an attractive, harmonious optical appearance are important cornerstones in shopfitting projects. LIERSCH’s assembly services include, among other features:

  • Assembly of the furniture
  • Placement of the furniture in the store
  • All kinds of decorative work

Whether the project consists in fitting out a completely new store or whether the job is about refurbishment: Our assembly teams will always know what to do and carry out all assembly work to your specifications.

If you opt for our overnight service, we will even work at night for you, thus leaving the sales areas during the daytime completely to your customers.
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Customers are getting ever more demanding, and this does not only refer to the products they want to buy: The positive shopping experience should start with the presentation of the products in the showroom. Racking and shelving is an essential part of product presentation. LIERSCH offers all-in-one solutions, embracing:

  • Individualised shelf systems or carpentry solutions
  • Installation of your racks and shelves
  • Arrangement of samples
  • Illumination of your shelves and products
  • Placement of goods

Of course you want your customers to feel good in your store. Often, this hinges on small details, things that appeal to people and provide for the “feel-good factor” during their shopping tour.

Hanging, arranging, mounting: Stylish presentation of products requires skill and finesse. LIERSCH takes care of showcasing your products, either as a mass presentation or as individual items, mounted on displays or as part of a sample room set.

You are looking for a reliable partner to carry out minor conversion and refurbishment work or maintenance jobs? We have a competent maintenance team comprising architects, technicians/engineers and qualified tradesmen.

Our dedicated team will be pleased to carry out all kind of finishing work such as painting, flooring, tiling, installation of wall and ceiling systems and more – either on an individual basis or as an all-in-one solution. Thanks to our flexible working hours, your business can go on as normal and you will not lose sales.

Attractive and impressive design, knowledge about current trends in customer routing, POS and room design, taking account of psychological factors – these are the ingredients for a successful store concept. In cooperation with our partners, we develop concepts for you that will help you attract and inspire customers and create sustainable customer loyalty.
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Simply more


means: Optimum consultancy and support service in each individual project phase, starting from the project setting, even before the project itself starts. We support you in scheduling/phase planning and determine the necessary resources

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L-Quality System

Our consistent project structure, involving project management, site management and team management, is the basis for ensuring quality and efficiency of the services on site in each individual case.

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As an added plus, our customers can profit from of our service “LIERSCH Overnight”. This means that we refit your customer area overnight. During the daytime, business goes on as usual.

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L-Roll out

You are planning to refurbish several houses or stores in different cities simultaneously within the next 3 months? If possible from a single source? Then we are the right partner. We have both the know-how and the resources to complete a nationwide rollout within a limited period of time.

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